Dear Visitors,

Due to the new Ministry of Health restrictions we are cancelling our concert schedule until further notice.

We are sorry for this inconvenience and we hope you are all looking after yourselves.

,אנו מצטערים להודיע שעקב ההגבלות החדשות של משרד הבריאות אנו נאלצים לבטל את אירועי הקונצרטים שלנו עד להודעה חדשה.

עמכם הסליחה ושמרו על עצמכם


We arrange approximately 24 concerts a year

Entrance to all concerts is free – but we ask for donations for the performance at the end.

We start at 20:30. Doors open at 20:00

There is no parking available on Bar Hoffman. It is best to arrive early to find parking in the area.




Photo: Dotan Goor-Arye

The organ was built by Paul Ott, Göttingen, Germany, in 1977