Photo Presentation

The Israeli photographer, Dotan Goor-Arye, shot a lot of pictures in our church during the Fall 2009. He has made a presentation of some of them with his own introduction.

We are grateful to both Dotan Goor-Arye and The Idan Raichel Project for giving us permission to make it available here below.

A Journey begins with a pack, lying upon the shoulder.
It may start with a fainted map or an old photograph,
and it may also start only with faith in one’s heart.
A journey may be long and span across many countries,
or it may be as short as going to kindergarten first time,
when you are three years old.

A journey may be physical, with the desire to see,
to explore other continents and new civilizations.
But it may also be internal, mental, when one explores
one’s own foreign, uncharted territories.

A journey can also start with a stranger,
entering a Christian church on the outskirts of a big city,
with the request to listen, to learn things he doesn’t know.

On a sunny day, at the dusk of summer, I arrived to
the church looking for the signs of Christianity as I knew them.
To my surprise, I have found little of those.
I was intrigued.

The religion lineaments were not in sight, unseen,
hidden from the eye.

Still, I could feel them all around me. Instantly I knew.
My quest was to unveil this magic, to visually understand
those hidden signs of belief.

And so was my journey.

Dotan Goor-Arye, 2009